Maroondah Region AFL Girls


Maroondah Region AFL Girls 

Date: 22/08/2018

Venue: JW Manson Reserve, Selkirk Avenue Wantirna.

Link to directions for the day!


Special needs:
Please bring warm clothes to wear between games and a change of clothes, particularly if it is going to be wet day. Please bring food and drink for the day, as there will be no canteen facilities available. Students are encouraged to bring a blanket to sit on. Students are asked to wear their own mouth guards, as there are compulsory to wear during games. Wearing football boots would be an advantage, however runners are also permitted. 

Bus will be departing school at 9.10am and returning at 3.15pm. 


Thanks to Meaghan Carter for organising our women' AFL Gala Day on the 22nd of August. 

Team 1

Maggie Butcher

Tiana Reints

Hazel Evans

Eryn Glanz

Amy Johnson

Hayley Skepper

Chloe Fordham

Sienna Fiore

Bailey Burton

Desy Kutasara

Erin Taylor

Morgan Jalocha

Tilly Graham

Valerie Mueller

Alex Painter

Scarlett Rancie

Hayley Thompson

Jessie Arbuckle

Tahlia Franken

Audrey Mueller

Jasmine Thivant

Emma Barkwith

Team 2

Lucy Bendall

Chloe Riddell

Phoebe Phillips

Juliet Tetlow

Mackenzie Comer

Emily Doyle

Indy Laoumtzis

Savannah Ferguson

Macey Postill

Kate Archer

Jade Majic

Alia Allsop

Nina Bielenberg

Mackenzie Grant

Olivia Nash

Summah Dibble

Sue Liang

Lara O’Shea

Taylor Smoors

Faith Van Stekelenburgh

Sienna Fullbrook

Caitlin Sharp