SAKG Recipes 2014 - 2016.


Term 4, 2016

Carrot Leaf Chimichurri
Strawberry & Rhubarb Cordial
Lavender Cookies
Pasta with salami and olives
Mixed Leaf Salad with radish and seeds
Olive Tapenade Pizza
Olive Tapenade
Fusilli with olives
Salad of the imagination
Garlic Pizza
Artichokes with bearnaise sauce
Bearnaise Sauce
Broad Bean, Parmesan & Pea Mash
Egg & Cheese Quesadillas with Guacamole
Silverbeet & Feta Pizza
Penne with Kale Pesto

Broad Bean & Bacon Salad

Coriander Raita

Green Vegetable Curry

Thai Fried Rice
Broad Bean Dip with Toast
Marinated Tofu Salad

Silverbeet & Broccolini Pizza

Pizza Dough

Term 3, 2016

Spicy CousCous
Seasonal Garden Salad
Broad Bean Dip
Pita Bread Crisps
Stewed Fruit for Crumble
Crumble Topping
Harissa & Parsley Chickpeas
Silverbeet, Kale, Dill & Lemon Risoni
Pumpkin & Apple Salad
Radish Yoghurt Dip
Herbed Pita bread
Couscous Salad
Black Olive Tapenade
Herb Toasts
Silverbeet with Chorizo and Cannelini Beans
Herb Omelettes
Zucchini,Kale & Silverbeet Soup

Grilled Pumpkin & Radish Salad

Smashed Olive & Rocket Pizza
Silverbeet & Feta Pizza
Penne Carbonara with Kale
Black Olive Hummus

Term 2, 2016

Jerusalem Artichoke Coleslaw
Roquette Pesto
Creamy Cauliflower Dip
Warrigal Greens Pizza
Pasta with Roasted Pumpkin
Roast Pumpkin Salad
Silverbeet Wontons
Greek Rice with Silverbeet
Lemon & Yoghurt Muffins
Spiced Potato with Seasonal Greens
Polenta Corn Chips
Mexican Beans with Roasted Pumpkin
Caramello Cookies
Crunchy Kale Chips
Pumpkin & Kale Risotto
Zucchini & Lemon Bruschetta
Jerusalem Artichokes with Crispy Prosciutto
Orange Anzac Biscuits
Creamy Pumpkin Pasta
Eggplant Risotto

Term 1 2016

Berry and Rhubarb Smoothie
Carrot and Beetroot Coleslaw
Creamy Zucchini Soup
Warrigal Greens Pesto
Warrigal Greens Pizza
Grilled Eggplant & Zucchini Pizza
Potato Nicoise Salad

Spaghetti Squash Taco's


Mexican Grilled Corn Salsa
Roasted eggplant & zucchini Dip & Chargrilled Green Beans

Term 4 2015

Apple Dumplings
Apple, Rhubarb and Berry Muffins
Broadbean & Fennel Salad
Chorizo & Broadbean Risotto
Creamy Broadbean Dip
Egg & Roquette Pizza
Empanada Dough
Fusilli Pasta with Fennel and Chorizo
Gluten Free Citrus Pudding
Halloween Biscuits
Lemon Curd for Pancakes
Margherita Pizza
Mexican Salad with Tortilla Croutons

Moroccan Carrot Salad

Pizza with Warrigal Greens
Potato Salad
Potato Empanadas
Potato & Kale Salad
Rice Pilaf with Leeks
Silverbeet Mini Quiche
Silverbeet and Feta Cheese Rolls

Strawberry Icecream

Warm Winter Vegetable Salad
Warrigal Greens Pesto

Term 3 2015

Carrot French Fries

Salad of the Imagination
Lentil Salad with Orange Dressing
Leafy Greens Ravoli
Kale and Carrot Top Pesto
Garlic Flatbread
Mini Croque Monsieur

Term 2 2015

Chicken Wontons
Eggplant Salad
Green Salad with Eggplant and Miso Dressing
Green Tea Shortrbread Cookies
Matcha Green Tea Milkshake
Poached Eggs
Rhubarb Cordial
Roast Capsicum Hommus
Smoky Eggplant Dip
Potato Salad

Term 1 2015

Brandy Snap Baskets
Garlic Pizza
Salad of the Imagination
ANZAC Biscuits with Wattleseed
Greek Salad
Green Beans with Spiced Breadcrumbs
Green Bean Couscous
Melon Soup with Prosciutto
Minestrone Soup
Mini Apple Tarts
Nicoise Salad
Pasta with Roast Pumpkin
Red Cabbage Coleslaw
Roasted Squash with Parmesan and Herbs
Silverbeet and Feta Cheese Rolls
Silverbeet Pizza
Spanish Baked Eggs with Chorizo
Spiced Squash Pancakes
Stewed Fruit Crumble
Chargrilled Courgette with Basil
Corn Dip
Egg Free Pancakes

Term 4 2014

Broadbean Pasta
Caesar Salad
Carrot Soup
Halloween Gingerbread Cookies
Potato Salad
Egg & Nori Rolls
Fruit Sushi
Japanese Soba Noodle Salad