Compass Parent Portal

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Compass is our main parent portal and communication tool.

  1. Utilise a singular online hub accessible on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) with internet connectivity.

  2. Retrieve comprehensive semester reports for their child.

  3. Schedule Parent/Student/Teacher Led Conferences efficiently.

  4. Review and endorse attendance information, encompassing absences, late arrivals, and early departures.

  5. Electronically complete excursion permission forms for added convenience.

  6. Access pertinent information and streamlined online payment facilities for school fees, excursions, and related expenses.

  7. Maintain up-to-date contact details, including registered email and mobile numbers for SMS alerts.

  8. Stay apprised of upcoming school events and noteworthy news.

  9. Facilitate seamless payment transactions and provide consent for school excursions and events.

Access is through the following website: Compass Parent Portal

Alternatively, the app can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet for mobile access.

If you are new to the school, your user name and password will be given to you once you start at the school. Those with existing accounts will see their Prep student appear on Compass at the start of Term 1.

A user guide to Compass can be found here.

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