The students at Dorset harbor a genuine passion for science, and this enthusiasm is cultivated through an immersive and hands-on approach to learning. The dedicated science room is a treasure trove of diverse plants, animals, and intriguing specimens that beckon students to explore and examine the wonders of the natural world up close. However, it's not just the captivating elements within the room that make science beloved; rather, it's the profound opportunity it offers for students to engage with the world through questioning, investigations, observations, and the joy of getting their hands dirty.


Our comprehensive two-year cycle ensures that students delve into Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Chemical Sciences during their weekly classes. This structured approach provides a well-rounded foundation, allowing students to explore the breadth and depth of scientific concepts.


Each science lesson at Dorset is a dynamic experience. Students may begin by delving into a new concept, followed by hands-on experiments or investigations. Subsequently, they share their discoveries with their peers, creating a collaborative learning environment that encourages the building of knowledge and the development of a deeper understanding.


The variety of activities is a hallmark of our science program. One day, students might find themselves on a bug-hunting expedition around the school, and the next, they could be sculpting a landscape in the sand pit to observe the effects of water. The subsequent session may see them crafting unique animals to demonstrate their comprehension of living things, or using biscuits and icing to model their understanding of plate tectonics.

At Dorset, every science lesson is an adventure—a thrilling journey of exploration that not only captures the students' imaginations but also imparts valuable lessons about the intricacies of their world. Through this engaging and multifaceted approach, we aim not only to foster a love for science but also to equip our students with the curiosity and skills to approach the world with a scientific mindset throughout their educational journey and beyond.


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