Science is loved by the students at Dorset. Not only because the room contains a variety of plants, animals and weird and wonderful things they can touch and examine up close, but because it provides a valuable opportunity for students to experience the world through questions, investigations, observations and by getting their hands dirty. Over a two year cycle students will study Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Chemical Sciences during their weekly class.

A lesson may involve learning about a new concept, completing an experiment or investigation and then sharing their discoveries with the class, allowing students to build on the knowledge they have gained and develop their understanding.  The next session might see the class hunting for bugs around the school or creating a landscape in the sand pit to observe what happens when they tip water over it.  The following session might be different again with students creating an animal to demonstrate their understanding of the features of living things or using biscuits and icing to model their understanding of plate tectonics. At Dorset, every Science lesson is an adventure and every adventure teaches the children something about their world.





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