5/6 Interschool Sports

Every week our 5/6 students are involved in interschool sports this page will be dedicated to keeping the parents up to date with the schools we've played, results for the week and the fixture for the year. 

Download the full winter fixture here: Interschool Sports Winter Fixture.

Round 3 Interschool Sport. 17.05.2019 DPS VS Warranwood P.S.
Soccer - TBA

Softball Open - TBA

Softball Girls - TBA
Volleybounce - TBA
Hot Shots - TBA
Netball Girls - TBA
Netball Mixed - TBA
All Stars - TBA

Round 2 Interschool Sport. 10.05.2019 DPS VS Bayswater North P.S.
Soccer - NA

Softball Open - NA

Softball Girls - NA
Volleybounce - NA
Hot Shots - NA
Netball Girls - NA
Netball Mixed -NA
All Stars - NA

Round 1 Interschool Sport. 03.05.2019 DPS VS Mullum P.S
AFL - Dorset
Soccer - Mullum

Softball Open - Dorset

Softball Girls - Dorset
Volleybounce - Mullum
Hot Shots - Dorset
Netball Girls - Dorset
Netball Mixed - Mullum 
All Stars - Dorset

Download the full summer fixtrure here: Interschool Sports Summer Fixture

Round 5 Interschool Sport. 24.03.2019 DPS VS Wonga Park
Lacrosse - TBA
Basketball Boys - TBA
Basketball Girls – TBA
T-Ball Girls – TBA
T-Ball Boys – TBA
Volleybounce - TBA
Hot Shots - TBA
T20 Girls – TBA
T20 Boys - TBA

Round 5 Interschool Sport. 15.03.2019 DPS VS Bayswater North
Lacrosse - Dorset
Basketball Boys - Bayswater North
Basketball Girls – Dorset
T-Ball Girls – Dorset
T-Ball Boys – Bayswater North
Volleybounce – Bayswater North
Hot Shots - Bayswater North
T20 Girls – Bayswater North
T20 Boys - Dorset



Round 4 Interschool Sport. 08.03.2019 DPS VS Tinternvale
Lacrosse - Dorset
Basketball Boys - Tinternvale
Basketball Girls – Dorset
T-Ball Girls – Dorset
T-Ball Boys – Dorset
Volleybounce – Tinternvale
Hot Shots - Tinternvale
T20 Girls – Tinternvale
T20 Boys - Dorset


Round 3 Interschool Sport. 01.03.2019 DPS VS Warranwood
Lacrosse - Warranwood
Basketball Boys - Dorset
Basketball GirlsDorset
T-Ball Girls – Warranwood
T-Ball BoysDorset
Volleybounce – Warranwood
Hot Shots - Warranwood
T20 GirlsDorset
T20 Boys - Warranwood


Round 2 Interschool Sport. 22.02.2019 DPS VS Eastwood PS.
Basketball BoysDorset
Basketball GirlsDorset
T-Ball GirlsEastwood
T-Ball BoysEastwood
Hot ShotsDorset
T20 GirlsEastwood
T20 BoysDRAW

Round 1 Interschool Sport. 08.02.2019 DPS VS Yarra Road PS.
LacrosseYarra Road
Basketball BoysYarra Road
Basketball GirlsYarra Road
T-Ball Girls Draw
T-Ball BoysDraw
Hot ShotsDorset
T20 GirlsYarra Road
T20 BoysYarra Road