Our 12 Week Prep Transition Program was developed to provide a comprehensive and purposeful transition experience for enrolled children and prospective enrolments. It allows childrensufficient experience to familiarise themselves with the our Prep and school environment, and the majority of school specialist programs. Our Transition program also allows Prep teachers sufficient observation and planning time to cater for the needs of students experiencing difficulty during the transition.


Our 12 Week Prep transition program has consistently allowed us to identify the needs of specific childrenwho may have difficulty, and support parents with their child's transition. Children have the opportunity to become familiar with the Primary school setting, and parents have the opportunity to view the dedication and experience of our teachers over a sustained period of time.


Our commitment to broadening our general transition program to incorporate visits from local kindergartens and child care centres has resulted in a greater awareness of the quality of our school programs, and created purposeful links with local educational settings. We liaise closely with Kindergarten teachers and child care centre directors to construct experiences that suits the needs of their children.


To compliment our Transition program we hold two Prep Readiness Information evenings (Term 2 and Term 3), and an Information Evening for enrolled children and their parents (term 4).


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