Education Week

This year’s Education Week takes place between Monday the 20th and Friday the 24th of May. The 2019 theme is ‘Careers’. To celebrate Education Week the staff and students have been hard at work creating and discussing many exciting things to do with careers. Our open afternoon and evening plan to be bigger than ever with career themed activities, speakers and performances are being plan for throughout the week.

We would love to have speakers into grades to share about their careers with the students, if you are interested in sharing about your own job, please get in contact with your classroom teacher. We’re after all types of jobs and trades from different fields.

In addition to all the activities, on the Thursday there will be a Careers dress up day, where students are invited to come to school dressed ready for their dream future job.  

Opening afternoon is when our parents, relatives and special persons are invited to come and spend an hour in your child’s classroom completing work together, followed by a brief afternoon tea in the staffroom supplied by staff.


Dates for Education Week

Education Week will be:

Monday May the 20th - Friday the 24th.

Careers Dress up day Thursday the 23rd of May

Come wearing the clothes of the career you want when you are older. This week’s assembly to take place Thursday morning and will double as costume parade

Thursday the 23rd

Open Afternoon

Classrooms Open

2-3:30pm with afternoon tea in the staffroom.


Open Evening

Classrooms and Hall Open



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