Junior School

Years One & Two

This year, Junior School has 6 classes of amazing learners:

  • 1A - Mr. Mackay + Ms. Senior
  • 1B - Ms. Tucker
  • 1/2A - Miss. Clohesy
  • 2A - Mr. Seymour
  • 2B - Mr. Wilkinson
  • 2C - Mrs. Quigg

The primary years are a time of learning life skills at Dorset we equip our students with the capabilities they will need to become effective lifelong learners. Our students develop the confidence to become independent learners, willing to ask questions, listen to others and become confident within themselves. The Junior School curriculum focuses on establishing strong skills in the key areas of literacy and numeracy, complemented by diverse specialist programs including Art, Science, P.E, PMP, Digital Technologies and Italian.

                                                                                Junior School


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