Senior School

Years Five & Six

The Senior School teachers are:

  • Year 5/6 A - Mr. Sullivan
  • Year 5A - Miss. White
  • Year 5B - Miss. Nink
  • Year 6A - Ms. McGinely
  • Year 6B - Mrs. Wilkins
  • Year 6C - Mr. Vann

At Dorset, we expect the highest from our seniors as they are the role models for the entire school. The students are given many opportunities throughout their time as Seniors, we offer a diverse and broad range of leadership roles to try out and develop their leadership skills. The Year 5/6 students are partnered to mentor a Foundation student in the classroom and in the playground, developing strong bonds with each other, and valuing the fun, friendships, and empathy that form as part of our Buddies Program.

Year 6 Transition

Year 5 and 6 students will be involved in various transition activities throughout the year. This includes representatives from several schools attending Dorset for information sessions. Our Year 6 students get to experience the ‘High School Experience’ program where our Year 6 students are given a different set of classes including Geography, Humanities, Health, Sport and English. The students also receive a timetable that replicates one like High School students which gives them a feel and develops skills for their transition into High School.


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