Senior School

Years Five & Six

The Senior School teachers are:

  Senior Team
5/6A Mitchell Newman
5/6B April Falcone (Team Leader)
5/6C Gemma Tucker
5/6D Peter Buultjens
5/6E Tim Inglis
5/6F Jodi Wilkins


At Dorset, we hold our seniors to the highest standards as they serve as role models for the entire school community. Throughout their senior years, students are presented with numerous opportunities to explore and enhance their leadership skills through a diverse array of leadership roles. As part of our mentoring initiatives, Year 5/6 students are paired with Foundation students to serve as mentors in both the classroom and the playground. This fosters strong bonds between the students, emphasizing the importance of fun, friendships, and empathy within our Buddies Program.

Year 6 Transition

Students in Year 5 and 6 will engage in a range of transition activities throughout the academic year. This involves representatives from multiple schools visiting Dorset for informative sessions. Specifically, our Year 6 students participate in the 'High School Experience' program, exposing them to a diverse set of classes such as Geography, Humanities, Health, Sport, and English. Additionally, they receive a timetable mirroring that of high school students, providing a practical experience that fosters skills for a smoother transition into high school.


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