Student Wellbeing Overview

Dorset Primary School Wellbeing Overview


Dorset Primary School places a strong emphasis on student wellbeing. Our ‘inspire, achieve and succeed’ motto and school values of caring, respect, responsibility, honesty, excellence and tolerance demonstrates the school’s strong commitment to the development of its student’s wellbeing. In 2015, Dorset Primary School began their partnership with Real Schools. This partnership focuses on continuing to build positive culture and the wellbeing of all those involved (students, staff, parents, extended families and community). Within this model we consistently strive for committed teachers, caring students and connected communities.


Our School Culture is continually evolving to provide students with the structure needed to develop strategies to deal with social, emotional and physical issues. Restorative Practice is our whole school approach for developing a positive, relational ethos around the Dorset Primary School community.  We are committed to building strong relationships using the restorative approach to deal with conflict, to repair harm and to maintain high expectations. Our commitment allows us to develop consistent language when dealing with all levels of student behaviour following a clear process. 




Through the use of restorative circles our focus is on developing positive classroom climate student voice and agency.

restorative circles are used for:

  • resolving conflict;
  • focusing on relationship building;
  • maximising student engagement;
  • addressing issues.

Our commitment is to each individual student’s academic, social and emotional development. We are dedicated to developing positive relationships in order to work together with all stakeholders to achieve the best possible education for our student.



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