Student Counsellor

Irene Rallios - Student Counsellor 


I am very pleased to be appointed the new student counsellor at Dorset Primary School.


I am very passionate about the safety and well being of young people and look forward to offering an emotionally supportive therapeutic space for your child to engage in should the need arise, to ensure they have someone to talk too.


I have been working in the community sector for 15 years, working with adolescents, adults and families. 


Qualifications/background: Counselling, Youth work and Drug and Alcohol. 


My primary purpose is to always be there for the students when and if needed through their emotional journey during primary school. 


Should you have any questions or feel the need to reach out to have a chat in regards to your child, I am more than happy to arrange a time to do so.


If you feel this is something your child could benefit from please complete a consent form and kindly return to the school at your earliest convenience to ensure we can progress accordingly.



Warm Regards,



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