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The Dorset Difference


At Dorset Primary School, our students and staff aim to inspire, achieve and succeed. We teach students to be lifelong learners and responsible, resilient people. Each student is supported by a team of experienced and passionate educators.


We focus on building and maintaining strong relationships centered on trust and respect. Student voice is promoted through a range of leadership roles, a Junior School Council and lunchtime clubs. Clubs are tailored to student interests and include a choir and art club among many others. Our breakfast club also runs before school each day.

Staff are highly trained in Restorative Practices and we provide mental health support for students through a team of mentoring staff. Students also participate in social-emotional learning programs that target age-appropriate Our school facilities include a full-size synthetic football/soccer oval, this includes an Athletics running track, a basketball court and a high-capacity indoor gymnasium hall. We also have purpose-built play areas such as Foundation, Year 1/2, Year 3/4, Year 5/6 playground, a Peace Garden and a Sanctuary.


From Year 3, students participate in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program and play an active part in growing, cultivating and maintaining our produce gardens.


Our specialist program includes:

· Health and Physical Education
· Performing Arts
· Italian
· Science
· Digital Technologies and Library
· Visual Arts


School Programs and School Strengths

Inside the Classroom

High Achieving Literacy Program

Professional and Caring Staff                                  

Hands-On Maths Approach

Quality Specialist Programs (Performing Arts, Physical Education, Italian, Digital Technologies/Library, Science and Art)

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

Technology integration (1:1 laptop program from 3 to 6; iPads in Junior School and a laptop transition program in Year 2)

Around the School

Indoor Basketball Court, Synthetic Grass Soccer Field, Rounders Field and Basketball Court

Beautiful Gardens

Literacy Resource Centre

Chooks Roam Free

Extra-Curricula Opportunities

Lunchtime Games (a diverse range of clubs including dance club, choir, chess club, Lego club, running club, robitics club and many more)

After School Sports Programs

School Musical Production

Support Programs

Whole School Transition Programs

Foundation Transition Program

Prep and Grade 5 Buddies Program

Reading Recovery

Full-time Social Worker

Out-of-School Hours Care Program

Vacation Care

Other Programs

Whole School Leadership Programs

Junior School Council

1:1 Acer Laptop Program (Grades 3 to 6)

iPad Program (Junior Grades)

Intensive Swimming Program

SAKG Program (Kitchen/Garden)




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