Grade 3/4

For more information on our Grade 3/4 Camp Rumbug program and the 2018 video of what our students got to experience, please check out our Camp Rumbug page!


Below is some writing pieces from our amazing students!

My Naughty Sister.
I was walking down the stairs as I heard a big BOOM! I didn’t know what it was but it went silent. Five minutes later it was 8am. Mum called me for my delicious breakfast. I stomped down the wooden stairs. STOMP! My mum ate like a pretty princess in a castle. While my mum was in the colourful garden I went into the secret place. BOOM! I heard the sound again. I went into mum’s quite room and saw Oscar my cat. He had caught a disgusting mouse but I sat under the tree as I touch it carefully land softly. All of a sudden I see a massive bunch of leaves fall off the wonderful tree. They fall down to the dry ground beneath. “SWOOOSH” a gust of wind comes through “Bink, Pop, Drop.”
The leaves spread across the lake and the tree is left like a coat without fur. It was a bare leafless tree. I am there staring into the distance like a statue sitting in grass.

Alexandra Anne Bartlett 3/4C


The Lighthouse.

I slowly walked up the creaky wooden stairs of the deserted lighthouse. My wide, terrorised eyes slid from side to side, looking at the uncleaned windows and cobwebs with all types of spiders, even Tarantulas. The smell of dead fish left at the top of the lighthouse was absolutely horrible.
I reached the top of the haunted lighthouse. Out in the sea, the smart shrimp swam in circles. I got spooked… I flattened myself with a massive “CRACK”
against the curved black wall. My brown hair and black clothes were the perfect camouflage for me. I felt as small as a snail compared to the ocean. The only light came from the full moon. A wolf howled in the distance. I ran back down the creaky wooden stairs never to return again.

Abbey Grade 4.

The Haunted House.
This place is as scary as a bat. You can hear the ghosts walking behind you. You’re walking in a place that is dark as night. You keep walking and spider-webs catch your face. Bats swing past you. Your nose is blocked but you can smell a stormy stench. You can hear the crunch as you walk over the fish.
As you walk up the stairs you feel like you’re going to fall through them because the wood is rotten. When you are up there, it smells like someone died. Then you see a window that you can hardly see out of it. You Stop. It feels like someone plopped a pin your heart. The lights go out and you never return again!

Saraya Grade 4.

The Purple Dragon.
A purple scaly dragon has purple eye’s with crystal in the middle a scaly tail, and sharp big teeth.
It’s flying in the cloudy blue sky with the bright sun shining down on the soft green grass.
The dragon is five meters long with bright purple fire and crystals. It has holographic spikes. It has a light pink bumpy tongue and a big paw with sharp claws.
Ella Wallwork Grade 3.