Physical Education

Dorset Primary School has a comprehensive Physical Education Program. Some of the features include

  • A weekly Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for all Foundation Children which is supported by Year 5/6 Buddies.
  • A swimming program focussing on water safety for the whole school. The children visit the King Swim Aquatic Centre in Chirnside. 
  • The children in Year 5 & 6 participate in Inter-School Sport as part of the schools membership of the Ringwood District Primary Schools Sports Association. They're two seasons Winter and Summer. In Winter the students get to participate in Basketball, Lacrosse, T-Ball, T-20 Cricket and Hotshots. In Summer the students get to participate in Football, Soccer, T-Ball, Netball, Softball and Hotshots. 
  • Physical Education provides the opportunity for the children to practice and participate in Athletics, Cross Country and District Athletics. 
  • Other programs include Karate, Tennis, Football club, and the students always have access to our Tennis and Athletic facilities located on the oval.


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