School Council

Dorset Primary School’s School Council holds scheduled meetings throughout the school year.

The Council features members from the staff and parent community and can be appointed or elected.


School Council is supported by two sub-committees: Governance and Community & Development.


Governance and Community & Development sub-committees meet once per month before the School Council meeting begins. For specific meeting times and dates about School Council, please contact the Front Office.

Meeting Dates

School Council members meet at 7.30 pm on a Thursday night, once a month.  The meeting follows the committee meetings which commence at 6.45 pm on the same night.
Please email any items that you would like discussed at the upcoming school council meeting to:

Annual Report
Annual Report to School Community

Dorset Primary School: 2019 School Council and Sub-Committees:

School Council

President: Ben Graham

Vice President: David Williams

Secretary: Afarin Allen

Treasurer: Sandra Glanz

Minute Secretary: Cynthia Helleren

School Leadership: Palma Coppa, Brett Speed, Justin Mackay



Convenor: Jake Martin

Hayley Bryant

Sandra Glanz

David Williams

Afarin Allen

Sharon Schachter

Community and Development

Convenor: Peter Buultjens

Gillian Smoors

Michelle Alexander

Tegan Murray

Tara Fidler

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